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The only candidate with the heart, the smarts, the empathy, the intelligence, the experience, and the innate belief in the enduring power of the American Dream to transform our great metropolis from its post-pandemic malaise into the shining beacon of opportunity for all that it once was and will be again!

Guns are very efficient and useful for killing rabbits, elephants, lions, tigers, squirrels, possums, grouse, bears, bobcats, quail, swans, panthers, ducks, chipmunks, skunks, buffalo, deer, llamas, camels, ostrich, wild turkeys, hippos, hawks, eagles, other birds of the air, and occasionally, innocent children…

New York State has had 56 governors … And Now, Andrew Mark Cuomo. There are also governors abroad in the land these days who preside over 49 other states. Andrew is head of their exclusive club.