The Balance Dilemma

Christie Derrico and Maura Carlin

The Balance Dilemma with Christie Derrico and Maura Carlin

Airing every other Thursday at 2:00 PM

What are everyday women [and men]discussing and struggling with regarding work/life balance? And why has this remained a seemingly uniquely female problem? Join Maura Carlin and Christie Derrico as they invite guests to share their stories on how they tackle the how’s, whys, and what-ifs of balancing work, life, family, and self.

Christie Derrico grew up in a world encouraged by female entrepreneurs. During her almost twenty-five years as a practicing attorney, Christie has shared notes with other women about how to stay working, stay healthy, and most importantly, stay happy.

Maura left her over a fifteen-year career as a NYC litigator and focused on journalism, working as a producer/host on LMC Media’s news programming. On The Local Live, Maura conducted weekly live on-air interviews with elected officials, newsmakers, and more. Maura and Christie first met during one of these on-air interviews.

Fast friends, Maura and Christie, bring their “coffee talk” chats from television to radio/podcasts, comparing notes on pivots and pitfalls, what works and doesn’t, inviting others to join in the discussion.

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