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Even before I earned my master of public health degree in 1999, I wanted to help as many people as possible. At the time, my serious long-term health issues were still undiagnosed, so it was often difficult to get through the day. I neared despair. I did everything the physicians told me to do, and I was miserable. How could I launch my career as a health educator and help others if I was so sick and tired nearly all the time — and getting worse?

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Janelle Allbritton

I finally connected with a health professional who understood what I needed and set me on a new life path that involved energy work. A new world opened before me. Over the years, I learned from other energy work teachers from various continents, and earned certificates in several techniques that use the body’s energy to help it heal itself. In turn, I have helped others discover hope in a healthier, happier tomorrow, and look forward to discovering new ways to share even more.

There is still much to learn; I am a forever student. But also, I know enough to be a teacher and am grateful for the opportunity to connect you, the listener, with research, techniques, authors, and — most of all — the amazing guests who generously share their stories and wisdom with us live on the air at WVOX.

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