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Doo-Wop…Street Corner Harmony…Soul & Good ole Rock n Roll
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Who is Dennis Nardone?

Growing up as a young boy in the late 50’s and early 60’s listening to Doo-Wop and especially Dion DiMucci was only from the Victrolla of my older brother Anthony and my sister Diane. I was to busy watching Abott & Costello – Superman – Roy Rogers – Three Stoges – Popeye & Mighty Mouse!….

My Music ears were exposed to the sounds of Harmony and Rock n Roll from our 5 room apartment in the West End of New Rochelle,NY (5th Street). Of course their were the sounds of Sinatra – Martin – Bennett along with the delicious smelling aroma of Sunday morning gravy cooking for the afternoon macaroni.

By the time I got to New Rochelle High School (Class of 69), the Supremes, Beach Boys, 4 Seasons, Righthous Brothers & Jay & the Americans were singing hit after hit. The British invasion came to America and my life changed and so did my music. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, the Stones, Animals, the Doors and Motown was my sound. Yes I enjoyed the Pop-Bubble Gum Music but Rock in & out on the guitar is what I enjoyed.
So like a lot of us I learned to play the guitar and bought my first guitar from Caruso’s Music Store on Main St across from the RKO Theater. I then purchased my first tan body Fender Telecaster.

In the Summer of Love, 1967, I got a Band together with John Cacciatore as lead vocals, Sal DeRaffele on Bass Guitar, Bill Lauer on Drums later join by Jack DeRosa on Drums, Fred Paganico on Guitar. We played the school dances, parties, back yard events and the popular “Battle of the Bands.” The name of the group was called “The LOTT,” named after after my beautiful English Teacher Miss Delott (Where is she now?)
Disco came in the 70’s, the Music world changed for me.

The 80’s & 90’s brought even more change. Although I still listened to the Eagles, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers plus going to every rock concert I can.
One thing was for sure, I liked listening to the radio more then buying records, tapes or 8-tracks. I enjoyed the music along with listening to talk radio!

By 1997 I got my chance, I met the lovely Ms. Tonny and I told her I was going on a local community radio station WVOX1460AM on the radio dial. I will be hosting a talk radio show called “Harrison Live with Dennis Nardone.” Tonny offered to help promote the show and we soon became partners till this day as she has taken the role as Producer & Co-Host of the show. With her help and direction the show has become an Award Winning Radio Show. Of course their is no doubt without the guidance of Mr. “O” the CEO & President of Whitney Media I would of never had my chance to broadcast on the radio.

So it has been 15 years with Talk Radio and now 10 years hosting the Rock n Roll Show every Sunday passing some 500 Music Shows!

I am a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, spending 34 years and retiring in May of 2008…..Born July 17th, 1951….Love Sports – Music, Swimming, Jogging, the Movies and “Yes-Yes-Yes” Woman….Love going out for fine Dining along with Diners & Cafe’s for Lunch & Breakfast…..Never Married, No Children…..Yes my Heart has been broken and maybe I broke a heart here & there – Who knows?….But if your still out there?…..
I’m still looking for the “Girl Of My Dreams”