The Vaccine has arrived! Find out where to get it in Westchester.
Where to get the COVID Vaccine in Westchester

Here are some links to information about the Coronavirus. The different levels of government have different information relevant to their jurisdictions, we’ve tried to organize some of it for you.

New York State
Interactive Map:
Westchester Country:

Westchester County

Westchester county provides information about Coronavirus on their website here. (

You can also download the Isolation Protocol, for guidelines put forward by Westchester County on how to self-isolate if you have tested positive, here. (

Westchester Regional Map

Westchester County Government publishes a map, breaking down the active cases in the county using available metrics. has conveniently kept track of all these maps, which you can view on their website here. (

Westchester County Government publishes these maps via their twitter, each day. You can see the Westchester Gov Twitter account here. (

New York State

Interactive Map

You can view the New York State Case-Tracker Interactive map here. (

“Cluster” Strategy

New York State has a “Cluster” strategy. When a region, sometimes as small as a few blocks, has passed a specific threshold of positive test percentage, the state will designate that area as a cluster.

You can find information about NY’s statewide approach to the coronavirus, and maps of current clusters here. (

Clusters have several levels, radiating outward from the center.
(Center) Red Zone: Non-essential businesses are closed; Restaurants can serve takeout or delivery only; Schools are Remote-only
Orange Zone: Certain high-risk non-essential businesses are closed; Restaurants can serve outdoor dining, takeout, or delivery only. Schools are Remote-only
Yellow Zone: All Businesses can remain open; Indoor and outdoor dining permitted, Schools are open

For more detailed information, see New York’s Cluster Guidance (

Metrics that Guide Reopening

Here, you can find guidelines issued by the governor’s office that will help regions create individual plans based, on data, to reopen New York State. The specifics of these guidelines can be found here. (

Regional Control Rooms

Each section of New York is broken into regions that report to a specific “Regional Control Room.” These offices are staffed by state workers and regional officials. Information about the control rooms and their heads can be found here. (

The Hudson Valley (which includes Westchester) regional captain is: Mike Hein, former Ulster County Executive. Members of the Hudson Valley control room are:

  • Jonathan Drapkin
  • Tom Carey
  • Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro
  • Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan
  • Sullivan County Manager Joshua Potosek
  • Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell
  • Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus
  • Westchester County Executive George Latimer
  • Rockland County Executive Ed Day
  • Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano


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