Radio Active

Book Cover: Radio Active
ISBN: 0823286703

O'Shaughnessy's tribute to the dazzling New York governor and vice president in the admiring voice of a personal friend is representative of what readers will encounter in this rich, generous trove of interviews, commentaries on the great issues of the day, eulogies, endorsements, recollections of an evening and other poetic enthusiasms. O'Shaughnessy's fifth anthology, Radio Active paints a vivid portrait of American life, politics, history, entertainment, and much more from the author's perch in Westchester, the heart of the Eastern Establishment and through his exquisite lens of probing but compassionate observation.

You'll get an insider's perspective and more than a few "classified" tales through masterful chronicles of the passions, pronouncements, deeds, and amusements of O'Shaughnessy's power-broker acquaintances and famous friends from Governor Mario Cuomo, the Bush family, writer Philip Roth, and that provocative but altogether generous titan of the airwaves Rush Limbaugh, to priests, bishops and cardinals, as well as beloved local characters, the "Townies" of Westchester, AKA the "Golden Apple."

Publisher: Whitney Media Publishing Group

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