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WVOX has on-air and online advertising opportunities available to local and national businesses, local events, and more!

It’s About More Than Advertising!

Why So Many Advertisers Choose


The Wall Street Journal identified WVOX and WVIP as “The Quintessential Community Stations in America.”   Our two unique Whitney Media stations have also been called “the most influential stations in New York State” by the last four governors of the Empire State!

They are the last remaining independently-owned and operated stations in the New York metro area … all the others having fallen to speculators and absentee owners.

The Client Knows Best.

WVOX and WVIP have never paid “tribute” to Arbitron or Nielsen.  Yet today over 400 prestigious local, regional and national companies advertise and support our stations.  There is an old maxim in our business that Madison Avenue time-buyers can justify any ad buy they want to make.  The New York stations are all over them on a daily basis, selling their “wares”, courting them and entertaining them lavishly.  We do none of that.  Instead, WVOX and WVIP have always had to rely on the client to “enlighten” Madison Avenue on our behalf.

Occasionally we do run afoul of a “Roseanne Roseanneadanna” time-buyer who doesn’t know the difference between Bronxville and Bedford.  And thus we’ll have to scramble to get WVOX and WVIP on a media schedule.  But because Westchester is in the Heart of the Eastern Establishment and because our stations are sui generis, we almost always prevail at the client level (with a little help from our influential friends in the upper echelons!). 

You and your ad budget deserve more than the empty rhetoric and glib promises of media salesmen!   The value of Arbitron and now Nielsen “ratings” has always been de minimus when evaluating a robust, complex and sophisticated listening area.  It also helps that we have a hell of a signal … one of the best outside New York City … and are so closely identified with the civic and social life of the Golden Apple!

We Don’t Pay For Ratings.

WVOX and WVIP have never given a dime to the “ratings services”!   We long ago discovered it is impossible even for strategically-placed and well-endowed regional stations like WVOX and WVIP to develop “numbers” which will satisfy Manhattan time-buyers eager to quickly allocate their dollars among those New York stations who court them so assiduously on an almost daily basis and buy their favor with meaningless “add-ons” and useless promotions.  These stations, it should be noted, pay the so-called ratings services to be included. 

Indeed, Arbitron, realizing the futility of measuring the rich, but complex and disparate million-plus Westchester market, completely abandoned and abruptly cancelled their studies for the Golden Apple!  And they never did figure out a way to credit our stations with our considerable audiences in The Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey.  

Get a Life!

We’ve always maintained that our discriminating listeners have a life!  They’re much too busy to fill out a ratings “diary” in this speeded-up day and age.  In fact, they write their own, private diaries – for future generations!  And sometimes they even get paid really big bucks to publish them!  Thus, the only ones who participate in “surveys” are those few odd souls who don’t really have much of a life.

Extraordinary Influence

We don’t just sell you “advertising.”  Whitney Radio, WVOX and WVIP’s parent company, has valuable contacts and considerable influence with our media colleagues at newspapers, television stations, the networks and wire services … and even at other radio stations!

We’re in frequent contact – on almost a daily basis – with the New York Post … Phil Reisman of Gannett … the Westchester weeklies … Liz Smith … Cindy Adams … Ad Age … Ken Auletta of the New Yorker … David Hinckley of the News … Lisa Foderaro, Sam Roberts and Corey Kilgannon of the NY Times … Terry Golway … Alan Chartock … Colin Myler … Fred Dicker … Joe Mahoney … Col Allan … regional magazines … Page Six … Howard Stern … Scott Shannon … The Associated Press … The Hartford Courant … The New York Times … The Daily News … The Times Union … The New York Sun … The New York Observer … Congressional Roll Call … Cablevision … News 12 … New York 1 … Legislative Gazette … the New York State Broadcaster’s Association … the Broadcasters’ Foundation of America).  We often use those contacts on behalf of our sponsors and advertisers.

Beyond Advertising

Our stations have always had extraordinary relationships and a wide following among affluent decisionmakers and upscale families.  Thus many institutional and corporate entities utilize WVOX and WVIP to take advantage of our kinship with the influential Westchester community and our extraordinary contacts throughout New York State and the nation. 

 The O’Shaughnessy Factor!

A lot of savvy advertisers do indeed factor in Whitney Radio’s considerable reputation.  They find great value in our president  Bill O’Shaughnessy’s national standing as a champion of Free Speech, the First Amendment and as a spokesman for the broadcasters of America on a wide range of public affairs issues not to mention our long-established relationships with Members of Congress the Bush family the Cuomo family and the local, state and federal judiciary

So there is no question WVOX and WVIP find great favor and support among those sophisticated, astute advertisers who wish to be associated with a courageous independent Voice for good government.

National Reputation!

Advertisers know the rhythm and dynamics of their own  marketplace and thus are much more influenced to a much greater degree by the commitment, longevity, lineage and history of our well-known stations.  Smart, successful companies base their strategic media decisions on what a station really stands for!

Target Your Audience

Hundreds of national, regional and local advertisers know the importance of our diverse multicultural audiences becausewe’re all different. Cookie-cutter jukebox formats don’t always work.  And in the New York area only WVOX and WVIP enable advertisers to target their audience and bring their message directly to a specific market and community: Mexican JamaicanWest Indian African-American Italian Jewish … Catholic … Environmentalists … Sports Enthusiasts … Townies … Irish … Muslim Gay and Lesbian Adults Families Young AdultsTeens!  No other stations have this reach or offer such a wide range of listenership.

Ideal Customers:  The Spenders!

Our audiences recognize quality!  The discriminating listeners of WVIP and WVOX are “no haggle” consumers who won’t “nickel and dime” you to death.  We can help you reach qualified buyers and high net worth individuals.  (And if you’re after kids … we’ve got the ones who tuck them in at night … and write the checks!)  The Affluent “Influentials” … adult decision-makers, prime prospects!  WVIP and WVOX have a lock on Westchester’s “Preferred Customers.” 

Put your message across … in “all the right places!”

Also Skewing Young

For all its standing among the “Affluent Influentials” of the Golden Apple and the Sound Shore, WVOX and WVIP have attracted many “youth-oriented” marketers via our four weekly programs for young adults.  In fact, twelve area colleges now advertise with us for recruitment!  And WVOX and WVIP are the “Official Stations” of several colleges.

On The Street

Our two regional community radio stations are also the stations of choice for local shopkeepers and merchants in The Bronx and Southern Westchester!  And the mayors of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Eastchester and Mamaroneck  have their own weekly shows!

Smart Choices

With WVOX and WVIP, you have the freedom and flexibility to position and define your own, unique products and services.  It really is the only approach that works effectively in the long run.  We call it “Target Marketing.”

Selling the Difference!

And that’s what makes us quite different from other stations.  We really believe in the power of “institutional advertising” that beams your message to diverse and highly desirable multicultural audiences … grown-up, adult listeners with roots in Westchester and beyond

Many local, regional and national advertisers now insist on WVOX and WVIP to promote their restaurants, catering establishments, medical and dental practices, car dealerships, transportation companies, brokerage firms, financial planners, retailers, law firms, service industries, educational institutions, prep schools, realtors, hospitals, utilities, nonprofits, developers, labor unions … airlines … insurance companies … television networks … and even the United Nations!

Nobody has ever regretted a relationship with WVOX and WVIP.

It’s about more than advertising …

  • “The big, regional radio stations now exclusively used by hundreds of advertisers to reach specific, diverse and highly desirable markets!”
  • “The stations with all the right demographics for your products and services. Because your customers are unique! And so are our multi-cultural listeners!”
  • “A marketer’s dream! … two radio stations where you can now target your advertising to specific, growing audiences!”
  • “500 prestigious advertisers have already signed on for WVOX and WVIP’s targeted demographics! Specific, desirable customers!”

“Different strokes for different folks! golf tournaments … the High Holy Days … Irish … Italian … Muslim … Mexican … Jamaican … West Indian … Catholic … Jewish … Baptist … African-American … suburban teens … Bronx anfd Westchester families … Adults … The Country Club set … and the “Affluent Influentials”! Because we’re all different!”

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