About Us

What’s now 1460 WVOX began in 1950 as WGRN, under the “New Rochelle Broadcasting Service Inc.” After changing owners and call letters in the 1950s, from WNRC to WWES, it adopted WVOX on Feb 26, 1959.

William O’Shaughnessy, who had been general manager of WVOX since 1965, acquired the station in 1968, building it into what it is today, Westchester’s Soap Box, the last great community station in the nation.


William O’Shaughnessy President of Whitney Media, Editorial Director

Office Staff

A radio station is more than signal it puts out. The folks not always on the air are just as critical to the operations.

  • David O’Shaughnessy, President of WVOX
  • Don Stevens, Programming Director
  • Kevin Elliot
  • Judy Fremont
  • Cindy Gallagher
  • Maggie Cervantes
  • Alexander Mintz
  • Kristen Cunningham
  • Greg Pavel

Board Operators

Ever wonder who’s responsible for how every show at WVOX sounds so professional? That’s thanks our Board Operators. These folks run the equipment “behind the glass” to make sure you can hear the hosts, and answers the on-air phones so that we can hear you!

  • Richard Littlejohn
  • Jerryl Bell
  • Debbie Schechter
  • Nick Sarames
  • Kevin Drosche
  • Rondane Holler
  • Chuck Donegan
  • Alexander Mintz
  • Julian Kushnick


WVOX At Night
Sunrise over wintery WVOX
Master Control Room
WVOX Entrance