In 2020 … and what a year its been so far … media studies overwhelmingly show something we’ve known all along … that Radiolocal Radio … sometimes called Community Radio … is still the medium closest to the People. And now, now in this topsy-turvy world … with riots, and a terrible Pandemic … more and more of our neighbors are turning to WVOX, Westchester’s forum and soapbox here at 1460 … Local and Vocal, where many different voices are heard in the land! It’s still, what the Wall Street Journal called on its front page “America’s Quintessential Community Station! WVOXWESTCHESTER! Yours. Every day and every night 1460!

Once upon a time there were several … local, community radio stations abroad in the land.  But one by one they gave up the effort and became piped-in jukeboxes.  All, that … all except WVOX in Westchester and the Bronx. Still Live and Local with many different voices, viewpoints and opinions every day and every night! Smart advertisers and business owners now look to VOX as the best, most effective and economical way to reach the Buyers and the Do-ers close to home! Call Judy Fremont or David O’Shaughnessy himself to connect – or re-connect – with your customers all over the County and into the Bronx. WVOX has always been a smart advertising buy. Now, more than ever! The One … and Only! Call Judy or David 914-636-1460.  In Westchester. 914-636-1460!

Business owners, proprietors and savvy managers who really know the County … know that WVOX is now, more than ever, a very smart, effective and economical way to reach homeowners, doers and activists in Westchester and the Bronx! To broadcast your theme orunique message … call Judy Fremont or David O’Shaughnessy to inquire about our reasonable, affordable local advertising rates, established by the O’Shaughnessy Family, which they consider our Labor of Love.  (They certainly are dedicated to it.) Call Judy or David O’ at 914-636-1460. It’s easy to get on the Radio … and have your voice heard in all the right places!

Years ago there were a lot of local stations … I’m talking community, hometown, Local and Vocal radio stations in Westchester and the Bronx and even Connecticut. But … one by one, they dropped out and abandoned the community focus. And now … in 2020 … there really is only one!  It’s called WVOX, right here at 1460 … Westchester’s forum and soapbox.  It’s an oasis … not only for our listeners all over the metro area … but also for astute local advertisers who use VOX to get the word out about their products and services! Our Judy Fremont and David O’Shaughnessy himself can tell you all about our smart advertising medium for a very low and affordable cost! VOX – the last great local-community station in the area! Call Judy or David at 914-636-1460! 

When the going gets tough … the tough get going!  That’s always been WVOX’s outlook, mantra and theme!  We’ve been airborne here in Westchester and the Bronx and now worldwide for almost 70 years … and according to the feedback we’re receiving from our brave community and thousands of loyal WVOX listeners … this has surely been VOX’s “Finest Hour” … proving once again that Radio, if you do it right, is still the medium closest to the People in good times and bad.  The O’Shaughnessy Family and our Whitney Global Media broadcasters thank you for your confidence and support.  We’re here …   for you and your neighbors, 24 hours a day, every day … very glad to be your hometown forum, companion, platform and essential voice … right here at 1460.  


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