The J. Adampson Show


Live from the Queen City of the Sound it’s “The J. Adampson Show!”, a one of a kind spin around the globe, locally sourced in New Ro and Scarsdale. There the Hutchinson River starts its move south through Eastchester, Mount Vernon and Pelham, so it’s going to be quite the journey my friends.  Join us each Wednesday afternoon from 12:03 to 12:30, where a Hump-Day lunch is going to be served including special guests from the local sports world, from the New York area comedy scene, from the New York constructor industries, and from environmentalists leading the Hutchinson River Restoration Project.  We’ll also add in some nearby library and athletic training programs.  How can we do all this?  Well that’s what makes it the J. Adampson Show!  Listen in at noon on Wednesdays right here on WVOX, 1460 on the dial.

wvox1460 · The J Adampson Show


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