NEW SHOW: BarON Design w/ Jonathan Baron


Host, Jonathan Baron

BarON Design Radio Show and Podcast is about Interior Design and Decorating for the home and apartment dweller and for businesses. Each week the well-known and very experienced talented interior designer Jonathan Baron provides useful insights, dynamic interviews, interesting stories, practical do-it-yourself ideas and secret insider designer tips about interior design and decorating. Jonathan Baron has over 30 years of experience and has designed homes and businesses near and far.

Each week at 4pm – 4:30pm, during the Friday afternoon drive, on WVOX 1460am his live talk radio show features interviews with his colleagues and clients, including interior designers, decorators, architects, drapery makers, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, artisans, home builders, gardeners and craftsman. Jonathan brings to life on his show design stories and design solutions that are informational, educational and entertaining. His show also includes celebrity designers and their special design ideas, concepts and solutions

Jonathan has a special ability to tell a story because of his vast real life experience designing, decorating and project managing projects for homes, offices, restaurants and hotels. His specialty is designing apartment building lobbies for luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island and Westchester.


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