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Rev. Dr. Patrick E. Quainoo

Rev. Dr. Patrick E. Quainoo is the  General Overseer of Christian Faith Ministries , worldwide .  He is also the host of Faith Moment, a thirty minutes preaching program  on WVOX in New  Rochelle, New York and on Sunny FM in Accra, Ghana.


As an apostle of faith, Rev. Quainoo preaches and teaches the word of God with an anointing that breaks the religious and denominational mind set of God’s people.


He is a riveting conference speaker with a passion for prayer, and delivers the gospel with power. Rev. Quainoo believes that there is no substitute for prayer, and therefore encourages a strategic prayer for results, and to see people blessed.


Dr. Quainoo also founded the Patrick Quainoo Ministries that seeks to provide socioeconomic needs of the people in the society or community through education and training to become useful assets to the nations and the world at large. He does this through his yearly conference – “September To Remember.”


In 1995 Dr. Quainoo revamped the 20 years absence of the Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship International Philadelphia Chapter, and was elected President.


Dr. Quainoo was a former member of the Philadelphia Police Clergy, former board member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Prison Fellowship, and also a member of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and vicinity.


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Listen Saturday Mornings at 8:30!


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